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400 sausage dog-lovers gather together to walk their Dachshunds

(Picture: Caters News)

There’s an event where people with sausage dogs come together to walk them and it sounds like a cuteness overload.

London Lowriders is a community where dog-lovers – particularly sausage dog owners – come together to walk their pups.

It was set up in 2013 by sausage dog owner Laura Bright, who was hoping to connect with other Dachshund fans on Facebook. Since starting, the community has grown a cult following of over 1000 members.

Averaging anywhere up to 400 walkers per event, London Lowriders unites pooch-pamperers from all walks of life – from students and OAPs, to lawyers and pin-up models.

Being celebrated as part of Facebook’s European Community Summit, the London Lowriders are being officially recognised by the social media giant for their societal spirit.

(Picture: Caters News)

Proud founder Laura said: ‘It all started on a whim. I didn’t think it would grow to what it is now.

‘It started with around 100 people in the beginning, but steadily grew to a tight-knit group of 500 owners.

‘After an organized member’s walk, we were suddenly inundated with around 8000 requests – there’s just over 1000 of us now, but it’s growing all of the time.

‘We have grown like a family – new babies are carried along to walks, and we all know each other’s children and there have been five weddings of group members so far.’

Laura says the community has become so close that if you need support at 3am, there’s someone there for you.

She says: ‘The whole group will make you laugh if you’re heartbroken.

(Picture: Caters News)

‘A lot of phones go up and start filming us during our walks – not a single owner will get through the day without being asked if a stranger can stroke their dog.

‘I’m extremely proud of the group and, personally speaking, these people have kept me from crumbling in the most difficult year of my life.

‘I had surgery last year and one member took me into her home, so that I could properly recover.

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‘We support each other and we help one another.’

Laura says that everyone in the group has their own story. But they’re there to look after one another.

She added: ‘Some members are battling diseases, and they always have someone to speak to or meet up with for a bit of light relief.

‘I’m indebted to these people.’

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