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A Festival To Empower Black Economics

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There is a three-day effort underway to empower African Americans when it comes to finances. Organizers are hoping it’ll have a ripple effect to shift poverty in Philadelphia.

“What can you teach a child that would help them avoid the same traps we walk into as adults?” asks Dr. Boyce Watkins, organizer of the Black Economic Empowerment Festival.

He’s spending three days providing lectures, films, and workshops that help deconstruct economics in the Black family.

“What we have to do is kind of critically analyze ourselves, without beating ourselves up, and without beating others up, to say- what can we do, what do we really want, how do we see ourselves, and what could we do to change?” Watkins said.

Then he’ll help rebuild, with panels on Hip-Hop and wealth and a day-long discussion of investing in stocks.

“A lot of us run away from it because it’s risky or we think we need to have to have a lot of money — but none of that is true,” said Watkins.

The events are pay-as-you-wish and run through Sunday at International House.

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