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Redux And Future Potential:: Ford Motor Company, (NYSE: F)

On Monday the Ford Motor Company, (NYSE:F) belongs to the sector of Consumer Goods of the USA.

Successful stock market traders and investors don’t usually just become that way overnight. There are often many years of experience behind those winning trades. The amount of data available to investors these days is incredible. Investors have to be able to focus on the provided information and make a decision which data should be followed and prioritized. Many investors will be keeping a watchful eye on the next round of company earnings reports. As companies start to report Quarterly numbers, investors may be able to sift through the data and make some projections on how the stock will perform over the next few Quarters.

Ford Motor Company, (NYSE: F) closed at 9.31$ in the latest trading session on marking a -1.53% from the preceding day. Let’s also look quickly at some analyst views on company shares.

Performance Review of the Ford Motor Company :

A company that manages their resources strong will have a high performance, while if manage their resources weakly will have a low performance. Further, investors may be closely monitoring historical stock’s price performance in-order to observe what has been happening with company shares.

Weekly performance: recorded 0.81%.

Monthly performance: recorded -11.30%.

Quarterly performance: recorded -7.69%.

Half-yearly performance: recorded 11.70%.

Year to date performance: recorded 21.63

Some important Indicators to review for investors:

Investors often conduct stock analysis to help figure out which ones are a good buy and at what price should they get in. The two major types of stock research used by the investors are fundamental and technical analysis. Some investors will only review the fundamentals while others will only pursue the technical. Many will choose to merge these two methods in order-to-get a more well-formed analysis of the stock. Fundamental analysis requires company statistics. This may include the balance sheet, profit, and loss statements and the overall capability of company management. Fundamental analyst often uses financial ratios to facilitate, understand company information. Technical analysts often study charts in order to describe trends. This research is typically not concerned with how the underlying financials of the company look but how the stocks have been trading.

Let’s review some important Ford Motor Company, Company’s growth indicators: the over-arching goals of any company turn-around productivity, efficiency profitability:

Rating Views of Recom:

Rating Scale Calculation (1-5 Numeric Scale):

1.0 Strong Buy, 2.0 Buy, 3.0 Hold, 4.0 Sell, 5.0 Strong Sell.

Notable Experts have a mean recommendation of 2.50 on this stock.

Earnings Per Share (EPS):

EPS gives investors a standardized way to determine a company’s profit and evaluate how expensive the stock is. Here’s what you need to know about EPS.

EPS in the next five years is expected to touch 4.37% whereas EPS trend in the past 5 years was -21.30%. However, EPS growth in next year will be estimated to achieve 8.38%, while EPS growth estimated for this year is set at -50.70%.

Target Price:

When you are considering investing in stocks, it is wise to consider counting in Wall Street analysts’ target prices, which should help you place a more valuable investment. The price targets can provide you with an idea of the predicted movement of stocks you are interested in.

The price target set for the stock is 10.86. The beta factor is 1.11.A stock with a beta more than 1 means high volatile and less than 1 means low volatile.

Productivity Level (ROE, ROA, ROI):

Investigating the productivity proportions of F stock, the speculator will discover its ROE, ROA, ROI remaining at 6.00%, 0.80%, and 1.30%, individually.


The Ford Motor Company. exchanged hands with 21564103 shares contrast to its average daily volume of 36.97M shares while its relative volume stands at 0.58.

In view of the above analysis of the Ford Motor Company, STRONG BUY STOCK is the best choice to invest. However, it is up to the investors to do more due attentiveness to see what suites their portfolio most out of each.