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Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China

While the Mac Pro isn’t one of Apple’s higher-volume products, the decision on where to make it carries outsize significance. Apple’s reliance on factories in China to manufacture its products has been an issue for the company, especially under President Trump, who has pressured Apple and other companies to make …

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Official: Tech execs gathering at White House

A Trump administration official says tech company executives are due to meet Monday at the White House with the president‘s chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow. The official says participants will discuss “economic matters” and talks could touch on Huawei. The White House sanctioned the Chinese telecoms company in May as …

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Trump’s Base Isn’t Enough

The latest such evidence comes in a new study released today by Navigator Research, a consortium of Democratic research and advocacy groups. The report, provided exclusively to The Atlantic, examines a group that many analysts in both parties believe could prove to be the key bloc of 2020 swing voters: …

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Priyanka’s UP Dharna Will Satisfy Only The Congress

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress General Secretary (East), spent a night at a Mirzapur UP state guest house as she refused to furnish a bail bond for trying to breach peace in the area. This followed day-long dharna in Mirzapur after she was stopped from visiting the village in Sonbhadra where …

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